In increasingly competitive and transparent markets, the customer experience (CX) has become a key strategic differentiator. Everyone is trying to gain an advantage by better understanding the demands and expectations of their customers and optimising the critical moments of their customer journeys. At the same time, more and more organisations are creating dedicated in-house CX teams to deliver this transformation.

The CX manager, therefore, has a broad and complex range of responsibilities. In addition to methodical skills, a CX manager requires technical, analytical and insight generation skills. Not only that, CX managers have a pivotal role anchoring CX within the organisation, promoting cultural change and much more. Despite the significance of the role, there are few specific propositions to support the development of CX practices and having been asked about this gap on several occasions, we have decided to lead the way and develop a training programme dedicated to developing core CX competencies.


The CX Academy is a partnership between MSR Consulting Group and MaritzCX, an InMoment Company. Both companies share a common focus to improve organisational Customer Experience competence. We have worked together for many years and have collated expertise that takes a holistic view of CX to guide and support the responsibilities of the CX manager.


The CX Academy is aimed at anyone who has a central responsibility for their organisation’s CX programme. Our modular course structure provides content that benefits everyone from newbies to more experienced CX professionals alike. Our focus is less about theory and more about the practical tools that CX managers need every day. Each module delivers interactive sessions and case studies to ensure that your new knowledge is applied immediately. In addition, you can expect continuous networking and knowledge sharing opportunities amongst fellow participants – even outside the training sessions. We, therefore, see the CX Academy providing value, not only to your organisation, but also to the ever expanding and lively CX community across Europe.


  1. Broad knowledge base in all facets of CX insights and delivery: Training sessions are run by a group of 3-4 highly skilled CX professionals from both companies. Additionally, we bring in different experts depending on the topics related.

  2. Personal interaction: We offer a guided course that is suited for learners that like to be an active part of a group, This also allows for individual questions and topics during and after the course.

  3. Networking: Regardless of remote training or physical attendance (once travel restrictions have been lifted), we focus on leveraging close networks that will help even after the end of the academy. The programme comes along with a closed group atmosphere of no more than 20 participants from various verticals.

  4. Peer-to-peer exchange: After each course you will be assigned to a partner to complete exercises reflecting the course content of the previous module

  5. Direct link to your progress: You will receive practical tips based on your current situation as well as a check up some weeks after the course. This helps you with direct implementation of tools and topics and supports the progress of your programme

We look forward to welcoming you to the CX Academy.

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