The CX Master is split across four training units and six modules in total. Each training is carried out in small groups and lasts for two days. The first two modules we will run digitally and once it is save to do so, we will start to meet physically. At the end of each training session practice-related project exercises in teams of two will need to be completed.

To successfully close the training unit a webinar will then be held to discuss the evaluation and reflection of the project work.

After successful completion of all four training units you will receive your CX Master certificate. You can also choose to complete individual training units as stand-alone modules – for which you will receive a certificate of attendance.

The price for each training unit is £500. If you book all four training units, you will only be required to pay £1,800 (saving £200). The training fee includes course materials, meals and a webinar after each training session. Module, course work  support and supervision before and after the training sessions by the trainers of MSR Consulting Group and InMoment is also included.

MODULE 1: Introduction and Basics
  • The era of the customer
  • „Return on CX“
  • Importance of CX for the company
  • Developing CX goals/CX vision
  • Organisation of CX in companies
  • Components of a CX programme
  • CX manager role model: expectations and requirements

MODULE 2: Methodology and benefits

  • Priorisitation of customer journeys
  • Process: From mapping to feedback
  • Emotionalisation of Tochpoints
  • Working with Personas
  • Living Dokumentation

MODULE 3: Identifying feedback sources

  • Identifying feedback sources
  • Legal considerations
  • Developing survey concepts
  • Goals and KPIs
  • Preparing and communicating results
  • Anecdotes vs. numbers, data, facts
  • From insight to action
Location: tbc
MODULE 4: Mobilisation
  •  Success factors for change
  • Dealing with conflicts of objectives: systematic conflict management
  • Change methods at process and behavioural level: Why-how-what, Job to be done,
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Persolog Personality Profiles
Location: tbc
MODULE 5: Processes and Structures
  • The perfect customer experience
  • Process analysis from the customer’s point of view
  • Data-based prioritisation of actions and implementation
  • Agile project management

MODULE 6: Sustainable Implementation

  • Sustainable implementation: rollout and embedding
  • Structural and process organisation
  • Networking and integrations to overarching activities
  • Setting goals with purpose
  • Communicating feedback to the outside world
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